IMG_20171129_144437_704 (1)People across the country rave about the magic of New York City. For most of my life I never bothered to think about the Big Apple as a place I might settle down in some day. The notion of “I Love New York” seemed so cliche.

I grew up in a suburb of Charleston, South Carolina, a place known for its strict adherence to tradition and pioneering perspective on the New South. Civil War reenactments, farm-to-table restaurants, historic homes and tech start ups coexist in the shadow of the Ravenel Bridge. I love my home state, for all it’s quirks and bad political reputation, but life took me on my own journey, even if my heart bleeds for a breakfast of chicken and biscuits and my veins still run heavy with sweet tea.

After over a year in my first full-time job in Colorado, I decided to move back to the East Coast and to Long Island to be with my boyfriend. We’re working on getting settled in and starting our life together and I’m working on assimilating to Long Island culture while being an ambassador to the South, urging friends to vacation in Charleston and whipping up my Nana’s chocolate pie for cookouts and potlucks.

Growing up Southern solidified my love of good food and New York has no shortage of delicious fare from every culture. There’s no end to the bars and night life in Manhattan and there are so many fantastic places to get out and visit, whether you’re looking for natural beauty, great events and concerts or historical sites.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I am! I’m happy to share my favorite places and meals with you across the Long Island and New York City area.

As the old blessing goes, “Good food, good meat, good God let’s eat!”


Special thanks to Katemangostar – Freepik.com for the vectors used in my logo.

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