What Kind of Cook Are You?

When you’re in the kitchen, what kind of cook do you become? For me, the one word that would describe my cooking style best is probably haphazard. I love the general idea of mise en place; having all my ingredients pre-portioned and prepared, the perfect tools all lined up and ready to go and the proper receptacles out before I start cooking. But I always get so hungry and anxious and I just can’t wait to chop all these damn onions and I could save so much time by starting the meat browning first and oh no what’s that smell…

You get the picture. I’m closer to a Julia Child than a Gordon Ramsay for sure. And I can’t be bothered to dirty all those little dishes for spices. I’ve been pretty lucky with my propensity to wing it that I’ve very rarely had any serious kitchen mishaps, aside from cheese grating my thumb (OUCH), stirring caramel with a plastic spatula (sticks to your ribs!) and cooking bacon in a sports bra (OOPS).

I’m pretty happy to be a real “home-cook’s-cook.” I come from a long line of home-cooking, hard-working no-bullshit women who made do with what they had. I’m excited to share some of their recipes with you this year as I try to recreate them (albeit probably with disastrous results) for myself and future generations to enjoy. The good news is we do have a fire extinguisher somewhere… if only I could find it! Here’s to 2018 and hoping I don’t burn the place down and I can cook half as well as my mother and grandmother’s and their mothers did before me.

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