Home Chef Review: Mardi Gras Shrimp Po Boys

There’s nothing I love more in the world than a shrimp po boy. If a restaurant has one of the menu, you can guarantee that’s what I’ll be ordering. The combination of crispy shrimp and a tangy remoulade spread generously across a toasted Italian roll sets my heart aflutter. You better believe when I saw my Home Chef menu with a shrimp po boy option, I was going for it.

Here’s where I’m going to make a daring admission: I altered the recipe to fit my tastes. The recipe originally calls for simply grilling the shrimp, which I’m sure would be healthier and just as delicious, but I can’t allow myself to eat a less than authentic po boy. Instead of grilling the cajun seasoned shrimp, I combined the seasoning with a handful of cornstarch and tossed with the shrimp. I then heated up a few tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan and cooked until the shrimp were crispy on the outside and cooked through inside.


This took the recipe to a whole new level. Cornstarch is a great way to coat something for frying without all the mess and fuss of a weighty batter. I find it works very well with shrimp because of their small surface area. I originally got the idea from Skinny Taste’s Bangin Good Shrimp, a copycat/healthified version of Bonefish Grill’s Bang Bang Shrimp (another all time favorite meal of mine).

Overall, I’d rate the original recipe a 4/5 for creativity (if they had suggested frying the shrimp, it would have been a 5/5 in my book). It was easy to follow, the ingredients were fresh and the final meal tasted delicious.


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