Garden Update: June 20, 2014

It’s been a month since I updated you on my garden and my have things changed! We’re getting close to the turning point, the time in the season where things are going to really start happening! Let’s get to it:

Look at those tomatoes grow! The cherry tomatoes and one of the heirlooms have the glimmer of a newly formed tomato on them. All three plants are massive! Since these pictures, I’ve added a cage to keep them growing up.


The squash and eggplant are big and beautiful. The squash on the right has recently blossomed too!


Chives and leeks are looking great and getting taller each day. I’m not sure how to know when the leeks are done, but I should probably start using the chives when I cook.


Rosemary. Current stats: questionable. I trimmed off all the dead branches, pulled off the bottom tray and am now hoping that the roots weren’t completely rotten. There are still some green sprigs so I’m staying hopeful that it will come back.


A strawberry flower! How exciting. Still don’t know what the guy on the left is doing. It’s taking its time I suppose.

The peppers are still hanging in there, just not doing much of anything yet.


Cilantro and dill have already been harvested a few times and are tasty! I planted a little aloe my mom gave me on my last trip home, but it doesn’t look so good. We shall see if it lives.

BONUS UPDATE: Succulent Garden

Succulents are super cute and kind of a big deal on Pinterest. My mom has been gardening with succulents since before it was cool. She calls them “Stone Roses” and I love that. She likes them because they are low maintenance and you can steal little bits from your friends or other gardens and they will miraculously grow into their own plant. Propagation is pretty cool and it’s been happening right before my eyes in my window garden.

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