When Spring Has Sprung

I’ve had a serious case of the winter blues and homesickness off and on for a few months now. The holidays help a little, but being away from my family and friends brought me back down a little. However, this week I’m feeling a burst of motivation and positivity from the dawning of a new year and all that it holds for me. Now I’m looking forward to spring.


Last spring I came out to New York to visit for my birthday and Mike surprised me by taking me on a cruise to Bermuda. I’d love to take another cruise this year. I never thought I would become one of those people, but I had such a great experience with Royal Caribbean that I will definitely be a life-long customer. We met so many cool people, I left the country for the first time, tried new foods and drinks and had a special trip with Mike exploring the beauty of Bermuda.


Best of all, it wasn’t snowing like it was in Colorado in April and for that I was most appreciative. I’m pretty sure Mike thought me a little silly as I reveled in the beauty of green trees in full bloom and budding flowers. There’s nothing like watching the world come back to life again. And best of all, it always coincides with my birthday.

This year I’ll be celebrating turning 25 on the 25th and I hope to plan a fun get-together for my friends in the city. I think I’d like to visit Double Wide again, I guess you could call it me and Mike’s “home bar” in the city. We love their sweet tea bourbon lemonade served in mason jars. I’m a big bourbon fan. And a sweet tea fan. And a mason jar fan. Basically, this bar makes me feel like I’m a little closer to home in the middle of Manhattan. It’s a small place but it’s always cozy, the bartenders are friendly and the music seems to be drawn from my 10th grade iPod, playing mid-2000’s indie rock. If I was going to create my own bar that I’d want to hang out in, it would probably be exactly like Double Wide.

One thing I’m anticipating in the warmer weather is getting out to some new bike trails and parks. I have a list full of places I’d like to explore, thanks to TrailLink.com. I’d like to head out east and explore some of the little towns that dot the North Fork and maybe visit Montauk before the summer crowds descend. I’ve been meaning to visit since I first saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When Mike and I first started dating, we’d share movies with each other that we enjoyed on Netflix to bridge the distance and Eternal Sunshine was one of my favorite recommendations, especially because it was filmed on Long Island and it made me feel closer to him. He’s also told me there’s a big duck on the east end as well. That I can’t miss.

One of the things I’ve always dreamed of visiting, though cliche, is the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. My ancestors arrived through Ellis Island from Italy 5 generations ago and I think I owe it to them to experience their origin story and put myself in their shoes. I’m so lucky to have a rich and diverse family history and it’s a pleasure to uncover as much as I can about those people who shaped me.

What are your favorite spring time activities? I’d love to hear what you’re looking forward to in the warmer weather.

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