My NYC Food Wish List

If I haven’t made it evident thus far, I’m obsessed with food. I think about what I’m going to eat constantly, usually at the close of a meal my mind is already asking,

“What am I going to eat next?”

I’m sure this is partly evolutionary, as my ancestors must have been very concerned with knowing where their next meal would come from. Food is an important part of my family on both sides. I come from a long line of strong, loving women and men who put their heart and soul into the food they grew and prepared for their families. My mother’s family has a storied history in agriculture and Southern comfort food, with my lineage tracing all the way to some of the early settlers to the Charleston area and my uncle and his family still carrying on the family farm, growing the most delicious vegetables you’ll find in Charleston (I’m biased, but I’ve never tasted a fresher tomato than at King’s Farm Market on Edisto Island). On my paternal side, I have a fiery Italian bloodline and a passion for pasta, sauce, mozzarella and sliced meats. Some of my favorite memories as a child were making pizza and eggplant parmesan with my grandmother (and eating handfuls of leftover shredded mozzarella cheese).

We also put a lot of passion into eating that food. It’s a ritual that still lives on in every holiday gathering or simple Sunday get-together. My fluctuating waistline is evidence. I love to eat and I live to eat.

Getting to the city isn’t always doable when you live on Long Island, but I like to tack on a few delicious pit stops when my boyfriend and I are making a venture into Manhattan for business or pleasure. I like to have a few great places in mind to chow down when taking a trip to the city. My friend Lisa gave me a few suggestions of where she loves to eat when she’s in town from Rochester and both happened to be around the corner from my favorite pizza place in the East Village. Hopefully I’ll have some reviews to post soon. I can hear my stomach grumbling now…

  1. Pommes Frites– French fries with a bunch of sauces. Sign me up!
  2. Dumpling Man– Lisa highly recommended the Sweetie Pie dumpling, filled with sweet potato and covered with icing. Why is this not in my mouth right now?
  3. Carmine’s– a Pusterla family favorite. Mike’s family often meets at the family-style Italian restaurant for birthdays and other family celebrations, but I’ve yet to make the trip with them. I’m looking forward to chowing down on my favorite dish- Chicken Marsala.
  4. Momofuku Noodle Bar– Chef David Chang appeared in one of my favorite HBO shows Treme when one of the characters, a chef as well, moves from New Orleans to NYC and works at a restaurant very similar to the Noodle Bar. I discovered that the place was real from an article written by Andrew Zimmern (of Bizarre Foods fame) about his top 10 asian restaurants in New York. They have pork buns, ramen and soft serve ice cream. I’ll definitely be making my way there soon.
  5. The Spotted Pig– This place came highly recommended by Mike’s sister-in-law. I’ve been using their coaster as a bookmark in hopes that I’ll be reminded to make a trip to eat there. I’ve heard the shoestring fries are great and what’s not to love about a menu full of pork.
  6. Serendipity 3– One of many places I’ve seen over and over again on Food Network shows and still have a burning desire to go. They are usually profiled for their $1000 Golden Opulence sundae, made with the best, most decadent ingredients and real gold. However, I’m in the market for a frozen hot chocolate, equally as famous, but much more affordable.
  7. Tony’s Di Napoli– My friend Lindsay commented that she loves the ravioli here. I’ll have to give it a try! As if I needed an excuse to eat Italian food.
  8. Pies by the Pound– A cool concept: they cook a long, oval pizza and slice it accordingly to how much you want. And there’s a brunch pizza with bacon and eggs on it. Yes! Thanks for the suggestion, Shannon!
  9. Dojo Restaurant– An asian inspired menu with a ton of options. I’d have to eat here at least 5 times to try everything that looks good. My friend Anna recommends the Soy Burger.
  10. Pies ‘n’ Thighs– While looking for another restaurant, this one popped up as a suggested search term on Google and with a name like that, I knew it had to be the kind of food my heart yearns for: fried chicken. Another vast menu with a ton of options I’d love to try, I always have a hankering for a good biscuit and a piece of chicken. They even have pepper jelly, one of my favorite Southern sauces.
  11. Magnolia Bakery– In some long forgotten article I read on great desserts in NYC, Magnolia Bakery was mentioned and their Red Velvet Cupcakes touted as being delicious. I have a serious addiction to red velvet, even before its recent spike in popularity. It’s always been a favorite down South, though usually a rare treat. Now that I can have it anywhere, I do.
  12. Fatty ‘Cue– Southeast Asian inspired BBQ joint with a creative cocktail bar. When I read that their menu included treats like “1/2 Pound Fried Bacon,” I knew I had to eat here.

Do you have a favorite place to eat in New York City? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “My NYC Food Wish List

  1. Tony’s Di Napoli has the best ravioli. I’ve eaten at the one off Time’s Square but there is one on the Upper East Side too.

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