Evie Marie Saint

Evie is my little Dachshund- Boykin Spaniel mix and is quite the diva. All the other dogs are twice her size at least, but she still keeps up with them and sticks up for herself. She’s the embodiment of New York in a dog- a lovable, scrappy mixed breed. I’ve had her for about 2 years now and it’s taken that long for her to grow on me. She was cute when I adopted her from the shelter, jumping into my lap and licking my face. But her tendency to pull so hard she choked herself on walks and shoot out of the front door and into traffic wore down on me the first year or so. I already had a dog when I got her and there were more than a few times that her bad behavior made me question why I ever got a second dog. But as my first dog Olive has gone to live with her fairy dog parents in South Carolina, Evie has become my little buddy. I’ve accepted her quirks and needs and her behavioral issues have subsided. Plus she’s smitten with my boyfriend too.

She’s always full of energy, but yesterday the cool fall weather had her subdued long enough for me to take some rare photos of her. She leaped into Mike’s office chair and looked out the window at birds and squirrels preparing for the coming winter.


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